La città che c’entra, The Italian Bookshop, London

15 June 2016

Poet Roberto Minardi will present his new collection of poems La città che c’entra and I will read the poems in translations in English.

European Poetry Night, Rich Mix, London

14 May 2016

An amazing opportunity to see some of the most exciting contemporary poets from all over Europe, as over 20 poets travel to London to share brand new collaborative poems, premiered on the night and written for the occasion, in pairs, across languages, styles & nations. These are the best and brightest, from Iceland to Turkey, from Ireland to Russia, from France to Slovakia – a unique evening of modern literature which will show the power of 21st century poetry in the literary and avant-garde traditions, and the possibilities of collaboration to bring out that power and form communities of writers. Curated by SJ Fowler.

Rich Mix 10 Year Anniversary Camarade, Rich Mix, London

2 May 2016

To celebrate the ten year anniversary of Rich Mix in London a special celebratory Camarade event brought together some of the best known pairs from the series, all of whom had their debut at Rich Mix, alongside some brand new commissioned pairs of poets, invited especially for the night.

Sandeep Parmar & James Byrne / Carol Watts & George Szirtes / Mark Waldron & Rebecca Perry / Prudence Chamberlain & Eley Williams / Giovanna Coppola & Clover Peake / Mischa Foster Poole & Chrissy Williams / Julia Lewis & Harry Man / Tasimbaradzwa Kanyangarara & Susie Campbell / Rachel Long & Elizabeth-Jane Burnett / Kathryn Maris & Amy Key

Reading, Lexicon, Marsden Woo Gallery, London

16 March 2016

An event curated by SJ Fowler that celebrates the work of Alida Sayer and her Lexicon exhibition at Marsden Woo Gallery with poets and artists responding to her work.



Reading, Camarades 61, Honey Moon Bar, London

16 January 2016

A stand alone Camarade poetry event in London to mark the beginning of 2016, the 61st event of it’s type curated by the Enemies project.

The Camarade series explores collaboration exclusively between poets, taking the form of events which pair writers to produce and premiere new collaborative poems or artworks, to be performed live. It has been the flagship Enemies project event, with multiple pairs at each reading, sharing their work in short bursts, drawing in large audiences, inculcating an open, communal and engaging aesthetic.


Tim Atkins & Marcus Slease
Lavinia Singer & Ella Frears
John Canfield & Joe Turrent
Simone Gilson & Claudia Juhre
Liddy Gilbert & James Caley
Maren Nygard & Emily Garvey
Sarah Kelly & Iris Colomb
Prudence Chamberlain & SJ Fowler
Farhana Khatun & Freya Harwood Bond
Molly Bergin & Megan Haycock
Olga Kolesnikova & Richard Scott
Susie Campbell & Mike West
Keely Laufer & Emma Mackilligin
Julia Lewis & Annabel Banks
Clover Peake & Giovanna Coppola


Reading, The Enemies Project, Rich Mix, London

7 November 2015

An ambitious celebration of contemporary Italian & British poetry and art in London!

The first instalment of the Nemici project will take place in London, and will bring together Italian poets from all over Italy and all over Europe, to work in collaboration, as pairs, with a series of British poets. Each pair will produce original work for the night, in what should be a great testament to the dynamic potential of collaboration alongside the best of the rapidly evolving 21st century Italian literary tradition.


Daniela Cascella & James Wilkes
Francesco Pedraglio & Paul Becker (video)
Ariadne Radi Cor (video)
Marco Fazzini & Douglas Reid Skinner
Francesca Serragnoli & Annabel Banks
Livia Franchini & Georgia Rodger
Alessandro Burbank & SJ Fowler
Roberto Minardi & John Goodby
Giovanna Coppola & Clover Peake
Andrea Inglese & Philip Terry
Davide Castiglioni & Alex Houen
Christian Patracchini & Richard Skinner

Reading, Hardy Tree Gallery, London

14 June 2015

Collaborative poetry with Clover Peake as part of the Mahu art exhibition by Steven J. Fowler