Anya Groner, “Report from the Field: Gone from My Heart: Violence and Anger in the Poetry Workshop”

I read this article by Anya Groner on the VIDA website a few days ago and it gave me courage. You could say that writing poems makes a very small impact on the world, but I don’t think that’s true even if it is one of the many voices that circulates in my head while I write. The idea that a poem can take something personal and emotional and transform it into something bigger than the self and reaches out to others excites me.

Then I read this week’s Modern Love in the NY Times and the author’s name seemed very familiar and when I googled her, I realised it was Anya Groner, the same writer as this article. And then I read her bio and it said that she used to be an educator at Planned Parenthood in Poughkeepsie, NY where I grew up. She also lives in New Orleans and yesterday I day-dreamt all day about moving there. All these connections. I’m going to write to her.

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