Nemici – Enemies Project, Rich Mix, London, 7 Nov 2015

This was such a fantastic evening! Me and Clover Peake got to read with an amazing group of poets and artists from Italy and the UK. Clover read her poem “Withdrawing from Fentanyl 11 Days before a Hysterectomy after October’s Full Moon” and I read “You think I’m emotional”. There was an energy to the evening and I felt lucky to be able to read with all of these writers including Daniela Cascella & James Wilkes, Francesco Pedraglio & Paul Becker (video), Ariadne Radi Cor (video), Marco Fazzini & Douglas Reid Skinner, Francesca Serragnoli & Annabel Banks, Livia Franchini & Georgia Rodger, Alessandro Burbank & SJ Fowler, Roberto Minardi & John Goodby, Andrea Inglese & Philip Terry, Davide Castiglione & Alex Houen, Christian Patracchini & Richard Skinner.




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