European Poetry Night, London, 14 May 2016

Scottish poet ColinĀ  Herd and I did a collaboration for European Poetry Night. I wrote and read the poem ‘Jessica Bantje is still easy on the eyes and has kept the field hockey body. Today I’m reading that her husband has taken their three daughters to New York City and she’s ready for a day of pampering.’


Rich Mix 10 Year Anniversary Camarade, London, 2 May 2016

To celebrate the ten year anniversary of Rich Mix in London a special celebratory Camarade event brought together some of the best known pairs from the series, all of whom had their debut at Rich Mix, alongside some brand new commissioned pairs of poets, invited especially for the night. Clover Peake and I did another collaboration. We chose to write about family members and I wrote another poem to my mom called ‘Home’.


Lexicon, Marsden Woo Gallery, London 16 March 2016

Five writers were invited to respond to ‘Lexicon’, an exhibition of sculptures and video by Alida Sayer at Marsden Woo Gallery in London. The piece I wrote is ‘Mamma Mammone’.

Camarades 61, Apiary Studios, London 16 Jan 2016

A stand alone Camarade poetry event in London to mark the beginning of 2016, the 61st event of its type curated by the Enemies project

Nemici – Enemies Project, Rich Mix, London 7 Nov 2015

Nemici, part of the Enemies Project curated and organised by poet and vanguardist Steven J. Fowler, brought together Italian poets from all over Italy and Europe, to work in collaboration, as pairs, with a series of British poets.


This Alley by Fabian Peake, read by Giovanna Coppola, Akerman Daly, 2 Jan 2014