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Peake Experiences: Fabian Peake on the Work of His Father, Gothic Fantasy Novelist Mervyn Peake, JSTOR DAILY, August 2015

Interview with Vi Khi Nao by Giovanna Coppola and Atticus Lanigan, Experimental Writing, April 2015

  • Atticus Lanigan roams the universe in red. Giovanna Coppola lives in London and is writing a novel about a stinking nun. Here, the two talk to Vi Khi Nao – author of The Vanishing Point of Desire (2011) and Swans In Half-Mourning (2014) – about writing and its intersections with desire, with death, with God. Vi Khi Nao’s latest novella, Swans in Half-Mourning, is a postmodern take on the fairytale The Six Swans, which in her reworking becomes a theological meditation as well as a tale of love between two princesses.